Honeydew Sorbet


Since it’s been pretty hot recently I found this little gem and thought I’d share it. Trust me, it was worth the time and effort, plus it’s super easy to make.

Personally I made it with a watermelon and kept the ingredients as shown but it turned out great, I made extra this time since some others ate my last creation without leaving me any. Enjoy this anytime you feel like have a little treat.

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Started on the Nerdgasm Podcast in 2015, Norman is the new guy but quickly proved he is the smart ass of the group. He is currently the reigning champ of Nerdbating. Also, he is one of the biggest fans of Dick............ Grayson, you know the first Robin who then becomes Nightwing. Norman also works for a SoCal sports radio station and is a Disneyland Pass holder with his girlfriend.


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