DOOM: What’s Old Is New Again.


DOOM was one of those games that without it we would not have the FPS genre.  It was faced paced, had a plethora of weapons to choose from, decent puzzles, a crapton of secrets thrown all throughout the levels, and above all it was downright fun to play.  By all rights I should have never played this game when I did.  I was in Kindergarten when I first played DOOM and with all the blood, guts, demons, and Satanic imagery you would think that my parents would keep me as far away as possible right?  Wrong, they showed me DOOM, I learned how to play it, and my parents would watch myself and my brother shoot down demons left and right.  As amazing as the first two installments were, the third was something I missed completely because it sucked.  I was looking forward to DOOM 3 but when I read the reviews for it was bummed.  Then I heard a new DOOM was being made.  A re-boot for the series that promised to bring back the old school feel of the classic shoot ’em up with all the aesthetic greatness and added modes of the newest gaming consoles.  I’m happy to say that I am not disappointed.


I have always loved shooters, but for the past few years I have been avoiding them not because I don’t find them fun anymore, but because all the developers (and some gamers apparently) care about is multiplayer.  I like to dabble in multiplayer here and there but I enjoy a single player campaign and local co-op compared to playing online and having some jerk in the mid-west say horrific things about my saint of a mother.  Even with the single player campaign of games like Call of Duty the action is quite literally straight forward.  You clear an area full of enemies, grab some ammo, watch a cut scene or two, kill some more enemies, rinse and repeat until you clear the level.  There is no chance to explore and find secrets and whatever “secrets” there are in the game you can bet that you can get them if you pay for the DLC that will be released the following month.  This new DOOM game thankfully is not like that.  There’s a great campaign in which you do NOT walk a straight line and instead you have explore the level.  There are demons hiding all over the place and it’s your job to blow them up.  The shooting is faced paced, and I mean REALLY fast.  If you’re used to CoD or Gears of War and finding as much cover as you can then you are not going to have a fun time with this game.  You need to keep moving, dodging and shooting enemies is the only way you’re going to stay alive in this game.  There are even areas where demons will spring out of nowhere and you have to kill them all to advance.  These areas have something called a Gore Nest and when you destroy it prepare for a fight because a lot of demons are going to want to kill you.  Also DOOM harkens back to the era of finding health and armor packs, yeah you read that right, your health will not regenerate after a few seconds.


Just like the original DOOM there isn’t much in the way of story that is shown at first.  There is a story line here and it can be summed up like this.  Crazy scientist becomes a cult leader, opens the gates of Hell, your job to kill the demons and close the gates.  However if you want to know more of the story there are databanks that you can find throughout the levels which tell the story in grander detail.  Being a big lover of story this is one of those games where I don’t really care about the story.  I play this game to do two things, shoot demons and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.  The best part is that there is no shortage of demons to shoot in this game, and this game rewards you for finding all of the demons to shoot in the form of weapon upgrade points.  All of the classic weapons are back with a 2016 visual upgrade.  I started out with a weak pistol and almost immediately I found the shotgun.  The newest addition that wasn’t in the original games is the Heavy Assault Rifle, and I have yet to find other weapons but the chainsaw is by the most bloody and most fun way to kill your enemies.  You can also “Glory Kill” demons which is a special melee move and a great thing to do once your health dips low since every Glory Kill gets you health and to kill enemies with the chainsaw gives you ammo.


Secrets are plentiful in this game, you can find more upgrades to your suit, to modify your weapons to dish out even more pain, and little collectibles that unlock artwork (these collectibles also look like little pop figures too).  However the biggest (and in my opinion best) secret in DOOM is the Classic Maps.  In every level of DOOM there is a hidden room that can be opened thanks to a hidden lever.  You pull the lever, the door will open and inside is part of a classic DOOM level from either the original DOOM or DOOM II.  When I say original I mean original, the old school graphics and the health, armor, and even weapon pick ups look exactly like they did back in the 90’s.  The only thing that changed are the monsters and the player, however if you die in a fiery explosion you can see the smiling face of the original “Doom Guy” on your helmet.  Once you find these special rooms you can play them from the main menu.  It’s a beautiful nod to the original and some great fan service.  Seeing these old school levels shows me that the developers knew what they were doing and haven’t forgotten their roots.


The multiplayer in this game is spot on, with t quite a few different modes of play, customization of armor and weapons galore, and it keeps to the original DOOM formula of fast paced, bullets flying action that you would expect from DOOM. There is one mode that I have yet to play and that is Snap Map.  In this mode you can create your own DOOM level, and post it up on the internet for others to play.  Think Super Mario Maker but with guns and demons.  From what I have researched about this mode you can decide how many demons to throw at people and you can play and replay other peoples levels, essentially giving the player hundreds of more hours of playtime.


As a huge fan of the classic DOOM, this game is a great current interpretation of the game and its the little things that make this game amazing in my book.  Even the cover of the game itself has a reversible cover which harkens back to the original cover art.  The only thing that I really have to say negatively about the game is that I constantly look at the map to see where I haven’t been yet.  However the game does tell you where to go next but if you want to find secrets and even some more ammo and armor, going off the beaten path and constantly checking the map is the way to go.  Other than that I am having so much fun playing DOOM its ridiculous.  If you are looking for a shooter that boils down to you just shooting stuff and doesn’t involve politics or multiplayer only gameplay, then DOOM is your answer.


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