Marvel Exec Hints at Insomniac’s Spider-Man Releasing This Year


Without a doubt, one of the biggest superhero games coming this year is Insomniac’s new Spider-Man. We got our first look at the game during Sony’s E3 conference last year, and it made a huge splash. Spider-Man has a sick looking new suit, the action looked tight and expertly choreographed, and Insomniac is one of the most celebrated and seasoned developers in the industry, hands down. Ever since that iconic footage debuted, we’ve been waiting to learn more about the game, most importantly, when can we get our hands on this? According to Marvel, some time this year, perhaps.

During a recent livestream (seen above), Marvel’s Media Group Vice President Ryan Penagos mentioned that many great Marvel games were coming down the pipeline for 2017, including Spider-Man. This is the first time we’ve heard anything even remotely close to a release date or launch window, and it’s coming from an inside source, so that’s reassuring. If indeed Spider-Man is slated to launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro this year, then that means we can expect a few things very soon.

We can certainly expect another trailer in the near future. We’re hoping for gameplay, of course, but any kind of cinematic story trailer of teaser will do. We’ve been marching through a media desert ever since that initial E3 showing, so we’re desperate for more footage. If we’re getting our hands on this in 2017, then we’re in for a treat some time very soon.

It also means that at this year’s E3, we’re definitely going to be getting our hands on some gameplay footage. We hope we don’t have to wait until June, but if we do, the wait will definitely be worth it (knowing Insomniac). The Batman Arkham games have the somewhat unique accolade of being the only Superhero games almost universally praised by fans and critics as excellent cross-overs, and if anyone can reach and surpass that level of quality, it will be Insomniac Games.

Did you notice, too, that Ryan also mentioned Marevl vs. Capcom Infinite coming out this year? We’re not sure what kind of truth serum this dude popped right before he went on camera, but we’re hoping that he actually has some insider info and not just an excited and loose tongue.

As June approaches, we’re keeping an eye on Insomniac’s social feeds and hoping for a Spider-Man info dump soon. As soon as we learn anything new, you’ll be the first to know.

(via WCCF Tech)

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