Pokken Tournament Deluxe Announced for Nintendo Switch

Pokken Tournament is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The Pokemon Company announced a deluxe version of the underrated Pokemon fighting game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. The new series will feature an expanded cast of the original game, including characters from the arcade game that weren’t included in the Wii U version and totally new characters like Decidueye. You can watch the full trailer in the video above.

The new game will have a total of 21 fighters, most of which were seen in the Wii U game. Joining the original cast is Darkrai, Empoleon, Croagunk, Scizor, and the aforementioned Decidueye. Litten and Popplio are also being added as Support Pokemon. There’s no word on whether additional characters will be added later as DLC.

The new game will also have a bolstered online features, including online ranked play and 3v3 team battles. Daily Challenges will also be available for players to complete.

Pokken Tournament DX will be released for the Nintendo Switch on September 22, with a playable demo at E3. Pokken will also get a spotlight during Nintendo’s E3 presentation next Tuesday.

The game was previously leaked earlier this month when a retailer announced a new third party controller for the Nintendo Switch would be compatable with the new game.

It was widely assumed that Pokken would make its way to the Nintendo Switch after Nintendo pulled support from the Wii U version of the game before the DLC characters could be added. Pokken also wasn’t added to this year’s Pokemon World Championships until months after the tournament had been announced, spurring speculation that they were holding off to see whether the Switch version would be available for the tournament in August.

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