Black Lightning Could Crossover with The Arrowverse Eventually


During a recent interview with at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, Black Lightning showrunner Salim Akil — who also wrote and directed the series’ pilot — told the International Business Times that the idea of an Arrowverse crossover isn’t totally off the table, even though Black Lightning is not currently part of the shared DC Universe of Greg Berlanti’s DC Universe.

While Black Lightning will not officially cross over as part of the big, four-show crossover in November, the series premieres in January and could plausibly be revealed as part of the larger DC multiverse by the time the 2018 crossover happens — assuming Black Lightning gets renewed, and that the crossovers continue to be money generating machines.

“The storytelling is a little bit more political. It’s topical, and it’s a little grittier,” Akil said of his own show, but “It doesn’t mean that down the road there won’t be visits.”


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