DC Films Eyeing Finn Wittrock To Play Nightwing?


The DC Extended Universe has lots of moving pieces, but audiences are paying close attention to one cog in particular. Earlier this year, it was announced that Nightwing would get his own movie, and fans have been waiting on casting news ever since. So, when a recent rumor concerning Finn Wittrock went live, fans were ready to pay attention.

In the last week, netizens have made it a goal of theirs to learn if Wittrock is being eyed for Nightwing. The actor, who’s known for his work on American Horror Story, has been a fan-favorite casting for Dick Grayson. Now, Wittrock is creating all sorts of buzz because to his rumored bid to play Nightwing.

Fans began to eye Wittrock after netizens dug around Twitter. The actor was recently followed by Nightwing director Chris McKay on the social platform. Neither Wittrock or McKay have spoken to one another directly on Twitter, but DCEU fans have long speculated about possible castings based on social media exchanges like this.

Other DC fans have grown emboldened by Wittrock’s chances thanks to a new rumor from Facebook. The owner of the DC Extended Universe fan-page claims to have learned from an anonymous source that Wittrock has nearly nabbed the Nightwing role. Fans were quick to dismiss the rumor, but the supposed scooper took to Reddit to assert his claim.

“This is my first scoop. I do not have a track record to follow. I’ve made connections using the DCEU page though and that’s led to getting information,” the fan wrote.

“It should be noted, I am not Warner Bros, Chris McKay, DC Films, etc. I felt confident enough to confirm Finn as Nightwing as an EXCLUSIVE. Take it with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed, but don’t be surprised when he is announced.”

A grain of salt may be too little here. DCEU fanatics may want to lick a salt slab just in case.

In the past, McKay has described the qualities his Dick Grayson star will need to have. The director told fans on Twitter the actor must be ready for a full-blown commitment. “Every day. It is going to be grueling from a martial arts, gymnastics and stunt perspective. Also emotionally taxing. It’s going to be real,” McKay shared.

For now, fans can only wait to see how Nightwing will shape its cast. The film is in the throes of development, and there is no set release date for it just yet. McKay has the luxury to get things right with Nightwing for now, and fans can rest assured that the director won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Justice League is in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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