Knotts Merry Farm: The Perfect Family Holiday Getaway


With the holidays here in Southern California, every family is running around spending time with each other and enjoying the holidays. But what does a family of four do once the 25th has come and gone?

A lot of people have the week between Christmas and New Years off. Your heart might say, ‘let go to Disneyland’ which is a great idea if you feel like spending over $500 just to get in the door for a family of four. But, most family can’t swing it during most of the year, not to mention paying for the holidays. For less than half the price of Disneyland one day tickets for a family of four, you could get tickets for Knotts.

And maybe your thinking that Knotts isn’t what your family wants, but your wrong. The park has changed a lot over the last few years and it’s really become a perfect family park.

The park is decked out from head to toe in holiday decorations that fit with each area of the park.

The historic train that runs around the park looks amazing this year (as always) and the ride and performance in the train is unlike anything you will get at other parks in SoCal.

The tree is huge every year and unlike other parks, you can take photos from 3 areas that all look great. The hardest part is fitting you and your friends in the same frame as all of the tree.

Knott’s brings in local venders all year around and this holiday season wood carvers are in the park:

They are even taking custom orders and they have an area for you to see the work in progress that is really amazing to watch in person.

The food in Knotts is always amazing and this holiday season is no exception

Nothing like warm soup in a bread bowl on a cold winter’s night. You can find this one near Ghost Rider at the front of the park.

The park also has a great selection of berry flavor foods year around.

The live shows in Knotts are really someone special, this year Merry Christmas Snoopy on ice is back. It’s really a great show that might be worth the ticket price for the park alone.

The theater is warm and a perfect 45 minute show that is a really great place to get warm for a while before you head back out to the cold winter air.

The park also has a number of smaller stages with great short plays, like the Bird Cage Theater that shows ‘The Gift of the Magi’ and ‘A Christmas Carrol’ every other hour with the same group of actors. Both are great stories and very well put together to fit a smaller stage. The park has over 10 different live shows this season with different times each day of the week. But the good news is that there is a print out of all show times and locations at the park entrance that really helps you plan your day out.

The park is really something at night. Make sure you don’t do what I did and dress warm. The park does have a lot of cold weather options if you forget your big jacket at home like I did.

Snow fall at night in Ghost Town is the perfect way to end your night and worth staying a little later in the park just to experience snow fall. We don’t get a lot of it in SoCal and seeing the look a child’s face is simply priceless.

Knotts is the perfect getaway, between the live shows, stage plays, rides, food and family atmosphere. No need to spend whats left of your life savings to get in some of the larger parks this winter. Knott’s in big in the experience, engaging, cost effective and most importantly fun.


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