Tour Walt Disney World’s ‘Avatar’ Land


For theme park fans, Walt Disney World’s Pandora: The World of Avatar has long existed as a series of rumors wrapped in photos taken from a distance, a handful of intriguing promises that didn’t quite line up with the fact that the Animal Kingdom theme park’s newest themed land has looked like a construction site for most of the past year. So this new video, which teases this endeavor as an actual place with rides you can go on and things you can do, is a pleasant surprise after so many aerial photos tracking minuscule changes.
The video features Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde, Avatar director James Cameron, and Avatar producer Jon Landau as talking heads, explaining why this area is so exciting and how it’s going to blow your mind and so on and so forth while footage of the land and its attractions plays. Thankfully, much of that footage on display backs up their words. Whether you like the Avatar movie or not (I think it’s good!), it seems that Disney has built something genuinely immersive and impressive that stays true to the tone and visuals of the original film.


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