A (seriously tried writing this with a critic’s eye) Review of Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Ben reviews the much anticipated Star Wars movie! Is good? Does he spoil it? We have no idea.




Seriously when I say all of the spoilers I mean ALL of the spoilers.  If you saw it already, great keep scrolling, if not then SPOILER ALERT!  SERIOUSLY SPOILERS!  DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE!

If you are in to reading spoilers then please keep scrolling, I don’t judge, but if you don’t want spoilers, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!?

Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Han Solo dies.  There, had to get that out of the way.  I was sad and I will admit, I cried a little when he died and almost crushed my girlfriend’s hand when Kylo stabbed him with a lightsaber.  I also cried tears of happiness during the opening because I had a fear that J.J. Abrams wasn’t going to stick with the traditional opening (a stupid fear I know).  I am pleased to say that this new Star Wars movie does not suck, yet it is a complete re-haul and updated version of Episode IV.

  The best thing about this movie to me is that it does remember it’s roots but goes into the future with its head held high.  The practical sets were amazing and I could barely see the difference between the practical and CGI sets.  However (at the time of this writing) I have only seen the movie ONCE so I will most likely see other things about this movie that my critic’s eye missed the first time.  The first time I was just so happy to finally see it.  After all the hype, the mystery, wondering what has happened after “Return of the Jedi” I had my nostalgia goggles on.  Especially since I was lucky enough to first see the original trilogy in theaters back in the ’90s.  One thing I loved about VII was that they made it funny and they told the audience what happened to Luke Skywalker.  The first sentence of the opening crawl was that Luke has vanished, Poe gets a map, and the First Order has taken the place of the Empire and is at war with the New Republic.  So far, so good, but I honestly love the jokes and humor in this movie.  Especially the first one with Poe and Kylo, the banter between Finn and Rey, and the 2 hilarious moments with some Stormtroopers (you know the ones).  I thought it was something these new movies needed.  Jar-Jar wasn’t funny to me at all, and there were some moments in the other movies that were funny but to have the movie make a little fun here and there was nice.  I really liked it.

Now you can easily tell the similarities between VII and IV.  Very important plans/maps that get put into a very important droid?  Check.  Orphan growing up on a desert planet?  Check.  Giant ass weapon that can destroy a whole planet?  Check.  Old mentor guy dies?  Check.  Calling the Falcon a piece of junk?  Check.  Even though the two movies are similar they are still VERY different, especially when you get all technical and have the details down pat.  Rey wants to stay on Jakku, Luke wanted to get off Tattooine.  The evil villain is a hero’s son, not the father.  The new (for lack of a better term) Death Planet was an actual planet that can destroy 5 OTHER EFFING PLANETS!  So yes there are some similarities but that doesn’t mean its a bad thing because its not.  Remembering the movie that started it all is a good thing, and having a few homages to the original here and there helps me enjoy this movie more.

This is a new Star Wars movie for a new generation, and to be honest I am so happy that the movies are going forward instead of backwards.  I was so sick and tired of the Clone Wars and the prequel stories and Star Wars being more focused on those films instead of the ones that made the franchise.  Now with Force Awakens, the new fans have a perfect jumping on point.  This movie still makes sense even if you have never seen any other Star Wars movie.  It sure as hell helps if you have seen all 6, but if you don’t have the time or are one of the very few human beings on this planet that have never seen one, you can still enjoy it.  Also serious kudos to the people who made the trailers.  I had no idea it was Rey who was strong in the Force and not Finn.  Also I totally called it (I kept my fan theories to myself) when it was revealed that Kylo Ren was the child of Han and Leia and NOT LUKE SKYWALKER!  Although my main critique is Kylo’s real name, Ben.  Now if you cared or read, in the expanded universe novels, Luke has a son named Ben.  Which makes sense because Obi-Wan ‘Ben” Kenobi first taught Luke in the ways of the Force so he named his son after his mentor.  Han and Leia have two kids.  The daughter becomes the smuggler and their son Anakin (surprise surprise) becomes a Sith Lord.  THe movie Han and Leia named their son Ben which really doesn’t make sense.  True Leia did want to get the plans to Kenobi in IV but it was Luke who  shared the real bond with him and not Leia.  Maybe it will be explained in later movies but for all we know Leia knows about Kenobi from her father as he was on Tattooine watching over Luke from afar.

Other than that, I like how this movie answers questions but it also ticks me off because I now have a bunch more new ones.  Such as who the flying fuck is Leader Snoke?  Is Rey Luke’s kid or Leia’s?  Is Finn also strong in the Force?  How come Kylo’s lightsaber is all unstable looking?  How did Kylo first meet Snoke and fall to the Dark Side?  Its questions like these that can are fun for debates but I really wished the movie answered more.  The good news is that we only have to wait 2 years for Episode VIII and next year we get the first anthology film, Rouge One.

All in all I loved Force Awakens.  Once again I have only seen it once so the nostalgia goggles and the feeling of pure joy by seeing a new Star Wars movie may or may not have clouded my judgement, but can you really blame me?  I first saw the originals, not the prequels, and unlike some people (Alan) I hated Jar-Jar when I saw Episode I.  I can honestly say that I love this movie.  It was beautifully acted, it pulled at my heart strings, and it lead the way to be open for Episodes VIII and IX.  I can’t wait to see this movie again.


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