Final Fantasy VII Remake, Hype or No Hype?


Final Fantasy VII is one of those games that keeps being brought up as one of the greatest games of all time, and for good reason.  The story is amazing, the gameplay brought both elements of face paced combat with the traditional turn based strategy that Final Fantasy is known for, and there were plenty of side quests and monsters to kill.  It was the pinnacle of Square’s achievements and only a few Final Fantasy games have been lucky to be even close to the grand shadow that VII has cast.  Back in 2005 when the PS3 was getting a crap ton of press coverage, Square thought it would be cool to show people what the system was capable of by re-creating the opening sequence to the game.  Fans thought that this confirmed a Final Fantasy VII remake but Square shot down the idea very quickly, until this past E-3 when those sneaky bastards gave us this trailer.


Fans everywhere cheered with excitement, the game that brought the series to an ultimate high point will be not only re-released, but completely redone from the ground up in glorious HD.  As a Final Fantasy fan I could not be more excited, VII was the second Final Fantasy game that I ever played and I was lucky to buy a copy from K-Mart for only 5 BUCKS!  You go looking the original game on ebay and you’ll be spending around $30-$40 for it.  More if its in mint condition.  Now this modern masterpiece is coming for the current generation and today a new gameplay trailer for it was released today and to be honest, I’m nervous, not very nervous, but nervous enough.

I’m nervous because the combat system is WAY different from the original combat system.  Also IGN has reported that the games will be coming out in a multi-part series, which recent fans who played XIII may cringe a bit since the last installment (Lightning Returns) wasn’t very well received.  However (you can put your torches and pitchforks down now) the good news from IGN says that every part in the series will have the content of a full game, and to be honest the new combat system reminds me a bit of Kingdom Hearts and I’m excited about that.  When I first played VII it took me a while to get used to the combat system, and this new one looks like to give gamers the sweet, sweet satisfaction of slicing enemies in half  with the Buster Sword, also it looks like you can switch playing as characters on the fly so there might be some awesome combos.  Or perhaps even maybe some multiplayer?  Its obvious that the game looks beautiful and a lot of care was put into making it right so it was worth the 10 year wait.

As of now I have to say, yes, hype it up.  VII is one of those games that gamers NEED to play before they die, even if they don’t necessarily like Final Fantasy games.  The voice acting is spot on, the combat looks fun, its freaking beautiful and if Square lives up to their promise, each installment of Final Fantasy VII (my guessing there would be 3 since the original game came with 3 discs) will be like its own game.  Square knows that VII is a game they can’t afford to mess up.  These new changes may throw hard core fans aback since a lot of fans, myself included, was just hoping for a visual and audio upgrade.  Yet change isn’t always bad so we’ll have to wait and see when the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out.  Just make sure you have tissues when you finish the first installment, those who have played it know what I’m talking about.


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