When it to comes to iPhone X Silicone cases, what’s the best bang for your buck?


The iPhone X.  That’s X as in 10, but you already knew that. Anyway, with it’s beautiful silver metal edges and its glass back, not only is it the most beautiful iPhone I’ve ever held, it’s also the most slippery. And after a day or so of holding it in your hand and admiring its beauty, you’ll also come to realize that it will, at some point, slip out of your hand or pocket and it WILL break.  So, you need a case.  But what to get?  Well, consider the new Karapax Silicone Case, by Anker.

If you just spent $1,000 or more on an iPhone X, put a case on it now!

Ruben J. Osuna
The Karapax Silicone case completely covers the iPhone X’s huge camera bump.

Let’s start with the main reason we all get a case, to protect our phones.  The problem with that is, the iPhone X is beautiful and putting a case over all that beautiful glass seems borderline criminal.  But as CNET’s Vanessa Hand Orellana writes, “If you just spent $1,000 or more on an iPhone X, put a case on it now!”.  After CNET’s initial test of 3 feet, the glass back was cracked, the steel frame was chipped and slightly bent, and it was just a mess.

Thankfully, the Karapax Silicone Case is gorgeous, kudos to Anker for a great design.  The buttons are nice and “clicky”, they don’t seem to get stuck or are hard to press like with other cases. What really impressed me the most is how the case seems to just hug the phone. It comes in four colors, pink, red, black and green.  Although I got the pink one, the green case is my favorite,

There is a slight lip which wraps the front of the phone to protect the screen if you place it face down, and the camera bump is completely covered by the case, so you won’t scratch your camera lens and it won’t wobble on the table. You get full coverage around the phone, including the bottom. The cutouts are also well shaped, plenty of room for even large chargers.  My only gripe here is that, although the case doesn’t add much girth to the phone, the Ring/Silent switch is a bit hard to get to, you kind of have to dig in to switch it.  Not a deal breaker, though.

Ruben J. Osuna
The only place you will see any branding is on the inside of this case, which adds to it’s beauty.

The case is very grippy and it never feels like it will slip out of your hand or pocket.  Although it has a soft silicone finish, it is very solid. It is not super bendy at all, like other silicone cases.  I find that the top part of the case is the most solid, probably to better protect the camera and sensors. The inside of the case is very soft and lined with micro-fiber, with the Karapax logo sort of fused into it.  And that is the only place where you’ll see any branding, which adds to the beauty of this case.  Another small thing to complain about is that, the case is so grippy that when you pull it out of your pocket, there will be lint or remnants of whatever was in your pocket stuck to the case.  Again, not a big deal but it did bug me a bit.

Ruben J. Osuna
The case picks up dust and lint easily but it is simple to wipe off.

I did drop my phone with the case on it while trying to get a time-lapse of the sunset, and… it survived!  The case got a bit scuffed, but was easily wiped and all that remained was a slightly scuffed case and a perfectly functioning phone.

As far as value for money. When you consider the price of Apple’s own silicone case ($39), which doesn’t protect the phone nearly as well, versus the price of the Karapax Silicone Case ($16), there is no doubt that Karapax is the winner here. I highly recommend it.

You can grab one of these cases on Amazon: Karapax Silk Silicone Case by Anker.



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