Thursday, January 18, 2018


The show that started it all. Since 2014, the Nerdgasm podcast is a podcast by nerd for nerds. Movies, comics, video games, tech, food, theme parks, fitness, you name it, we talk about it on the show. It Doesn’t matter if you have 100s of comic books at home or if your just buying your first comic book, this is your podcast. We are all nerds and you are welcome here!

Hosted by Alan Bailey and Grayson. Together they break down everything from the nerd universe, DC, Marvel and everything in between. The nerds are all over SoCal checking out everything from local comic cons, theme parks, expos, and local comic shops.

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Your Guide to the Disneyland Resort and Disney’s California Adventure Park.

Hosted by Alan Bailey, The In The Parks Podcast is your weekly news update on everything happening in Anaheim at the Disneyland Resort & Disney’s California Adventure Park. From the latest news, new rides, new march, rumors, the best food and the latest tips and tricks; this podcast everything guests need to enjoy every minute Inside the parks. New episodes are every Tuesday.

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Hosted by Zero & Grayson. Zero’s Game Room or ZGR offers info on the latest gaming news, interviews with YouTube gaming celebrities, discussions of modern and retro gaming and even reviews of the latest hot releases.


Alan Bailey

Co-host of The Nerdgasm Podcast
Host of the In The Parks Podcast

Alan was given his first comic book at school at age 7, an X-Men single shot that was lost to time (and a mother thinking it was porn) and the rest is history. Alan is a SoCal Broadcaster and has won many awards including an RTNA Golden Microphone for his work on the air.

In College, Alan was a manger at a movie theater just so he could work in the projection booth and was paid to watch every, single movie that hit theaters for 5 years including the last 3 Harry Potter movies, the MCU phase 1, The Dark Knight, every damn Twlight movie and a few 100 other crapy movies.

Alan a hardcore gear head and is the founder and co-owner of ARN and covers a number of racing series including NASCAR, NHRA Drag Racing, Indycar, AMA Supercross.

Alan is a Disney Passholder and lives in Corona, CA with his wife Gabriela.


Co-Host of the Nerdgasm Podcast
Co-Host of The Zero’s Game Room Podcast

Grayson is a food junkey that loves to cook (and eat) and our DC fan boy that is also a Marvel fan boy.

Like most 90s kids, Grayson grew up on Batman: TAS and other 90s cartoons that helped turn him into a nerd. He had a bad experience when he tried to buy his first comic with a comic shop owner that tried to get a kid to buy $100 worth of comics because he opened a few comics to see what they were about. He became a nerd again when he was given some comics in college and started buying some himself. Grayson and Alan met in college in radio Broadcasting classes and stay friends after college. When the show came out of its break, he became a part of the show and now he is the DC nerd of the show.

Grayson played water polo in high school and stays fit today and snow broads whenever fresh snow comes to SoCal mountains. He lives in Montclair, CA. with his kitty that loves to eat his PS4 wires when he isn’t looking.


Co-Host of The Zero’s Game Room Podcast
Video Game Editor & lead Writer

Zero is a gamer nerd that loves to not only play video games but he loves talking about them too. Ever since he was a little boy, he picked up his NES controller and zapper with a copy of duckhunt and super mario for the first time, he knew that his heart belonged to gaming. He knew he was a true nerd the day he first dove head first into the lore of Kingdom Hearts in 2005, a gaming franchise that not only has affected him personally, but it’s his favorite franchise.

Even with all that he maintains his Let’s Play/Gaming channel under the persona of XZero9091. Not only does he upload Let’s Plays with commentary, he likes to live stream on, he interacts with his audience on twitter… and he also likes long walks on the beach and watching the sunset.

Zero lives in Azusa, CA where he spends his time on multiple consoles playing the latest games, sipping away on a lovely glass of Jack and Coke


Film Editor

Claudia is our Film Editor and spends way too many hours making the nerds look good. She might be the news member of the Nerdgasm crew but she has quickly make her mark with the team. Claudia went to the University of La Verne in Pomona, CA. and is quick becoming one of the newest editors in town. (No one steel her from us please, we couldn’t get by with her)

Gabriela Juarez

Head Photographer & Theme Park Writer

All work and no play makes Gaby a dull dull girl…

All work and no play makes Gaby a dull dull girl…

All work and no play makes Gaby a dull dull girl…

All work and no play makes Gaby a dull dull girl…

All work and no play makes Gaby a dull dull girl…

All work and no play makes Gaby a dull dull girl…

All work and no play makes Gaby a dull dull girl…

All work and no play makes Gaby a dull dull girl…


Head Webmaster & Engineer

RJO is a SoCal web designer and developer by day and a Husband and Super Hero Daddy by night. He may also be the last Jedi… He’s our in house tech nerd who keeps our website running and in good shape. He’s a huge Star Wars (who isn’t?) and Iron Man fan.


Studio Engineer 

Randy sucks….period. Randy is the engineer on the podcast and 99.9% of the time when something breaks or goes wrong it’s because Randy sucks at his job. Randy has been with the show since the beginning and even though the nerds hate him most of the time, Randy gets the job done, more or less and is beloved by the nerds and listeners alike.