First Official Clip From Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’


The first action-packed clip from Black Panther has finally arrived, and King T’Challa puts the pedal to the metal!

This week, Marvel released the first official clip from Black Panther on Ellen, and it features part of the high-octane car chase that has been featured in many of the trailers and TV spots to this point. You can check out the full clip above!

What this clip does more than anything is give fans a better look at Shuri, who hasn’t been given a ton of screen time in the trailers so far. The younger sister of T’Challa is very tech-heavy, with gifted abilities as an inventor. It’s Shuri who creates most of Black Panther’s suits and gadgets, and she’s likely the mind behind the remote controlled sports car in the clip.

Last week, after director Ryan Coogler compared Black Panther to James Bond, Letitia Wright said that Shuri’s skills made her a lot like Q, the inventor from the Bond films.

“Yeah, why not? She’s T’Challa’s Q. She’s by his side with the technology he needs. The way she helps him is really cool,” Wright said.

“I hope Shuri can help people. Maybe you’re in school right now, and super smart and super intelligent, and people may be saying, ‘You’re a geek,’ or whatever, making them feel bad. Maybe they can watch this film and be like, ‘Man! Being smart or a scientist or super great at math is not a bad thing at all.'”

Black Panther is set to hit theaters on February 16, making it Marvel’s final film before Avengers: Infinity War arrives in May.


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